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In all of the four ages, past, present, and future, living beings have acheived freedom from meditation on Rama nama. The Vedas, the Puranas, the holy saints, they all agree, the reward of living virtuously is the opening of the heart and living with the Love of Rama.
In Hindu cosmology time is cyclical. Existence arises from the ultimate reality and dissolves back into it, going through four ages. The first age is the Satya Yuga, the age of truth, where peace pervades with no evil in the world. Lasting 4320,000, 000 years, there is oneness between all beings, there is one veda, one civilization, no separateness, this age is symbolised by a cow on four legs.  This is what is truly meant by Rama Raj, true freedom from suffering for all living beings.  The next age is the Treta Yuga lasting 1,296,000 years, the world slips from its purity into a world with more seperateness, then the Dvapara age, lasting 864,000 years followed by our current age, the Kali Yuga which began after Lord Krishna’s incarnation left the world. The Kali age is the age of deceit where people are more inclined to be selfish, commit evil acts, to cheat one another, in this age the symbolic cow stands on one leg.  In this age families which in Satya embraced every living being, now only car for a few people and even that being full of quarrel.  It is said in the puranas that the world will descent further into chaos, with even until selfishness causes children to not trust even their own mothers. Although darkness pervades, the beautiful stars are seen most brightly in our age, hence it is possible and vital we still life worthy of Rama Raj, this is our true purpose.

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