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In the Sat Yuga, Meditation was the best method for liberation, in the Treta Yuga it was the Vedic fire sacrifice, in the Treta Yuga worship of God, and in the Kali age the name of Rama is the path.  Chanting, meditating on, singing, embracing the repetition of Rama’s name is the best method for liberation and freedom from the illusions of the world.  This Kali Age is like a demon, the name is like the saving grace of Hanuman taking us from the ego to the soul.
Whatever our sadhana or religious practice may be, the intensity and strength of purpose by which we apply ourselves is the key, Tulasidas like Maharaji knows nothing apart from the name of Rama. They are fully immersed and live from the name. In Kali Yuga, the Name is at once like Hanuman and Rama, both the path and the destination. Even when he was asked about mantras, he would say, ‘I don’t know any mantra’s, I only know Rama’.

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