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I Bow to the saints. The saints and siddhas of this world see all beings equally. Regardless of friend or enemy, they are like flowers that do not discriminate between the hand the plucks it or the hand that holds it. Seeing their high minded nature and unconditional loving disposition, they personify innocence and the eternal spirit. This is my humble offering to all the great saints of the world. May they hear my insignificant call and be compassionate to me. Great saints! Grant me devotion to the holy feet of Shri Rama!
The vision of the enlightened beings is one of truth and pure equality. You and me, we are like different fingers on the hands of consciousness. Completely connected – we are all like branches expanding from the same sacred tree. It is only due to our attachments in the world, anger and desire that we do not experience this oneness at all times. The saints have realised this truth internally and bear no ill will towards anybody. Their love is unconditional and they live and breathe serving all living beings. When Mahatma Gandhi fought for freedom from the British Empire, he did so not out of hate but out of love. He stayed true to a religious duty to love all beings and even when India was being torn apart by fighting between Hindu’s and Muslims, he was aloof – loving each person with the same heart. Gandhi inspired Martin Luther King Jr who in America campaigned for equality of African Americans spoke of the Christian concept of Agape – an all pervading concept of love. When other African American freedom groups wanted to fight the whites with violence, or even used racist rhetoric in their campaigning he always spoke out of love. Driven by this spiritual vision or force, these saints see the great oneness underpinning our existence.

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