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Disregarding my lack of intelligence, I am certain that Rama sees my hearts sincerity. Shri Rama looks beyond our actions and sees the truth within our hearts. Actions, and thoughts, are important but the spirit of ones intentions are the most crucial.  We all know that it is wrong to hunt, but Rama killed Vali in the most undistinguished way. Both Sugriva and Vibhishana too was guilty of this crime, Rama honoured them both.  More than a persons act, Rama values the spirit and intention a hundred times more.
How should we live in the world? Yes, Non-violence is declared as the highest virtue, but what if a rabid dog is attacking your defenseless child? In this case would not violence be justified?  Lord Krishna declares that we should have noble intentions and use our intellect to decide the proper course of action.  Indeed, scriptures are there to guide us, but we must have pure hearts and act in the spirit of goodness.  This is the main topic of our book, The Power of Dharma. Maharaja Yudhisthira most beautifully explains that Dharma is hidden within the cave of the heart.

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