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The Ramayana consists of thousands of verses but at the same time is infinite. Shri Rama appeared in bodily form but has infinite forms. Sages since time immemorial have sung sweet stories of God in so many diverse ways according to how God has revealed himself to them. Therefore open your heart to this narrative. Rama is Brahman, and infinite are his forms, this story cannot be known with the mind only realised within your heart.
Removing all doubts I take the dust from the feet of my Guru on my head and pray that no negative feelings come from my narration.
Maharaji used to say that the best form to worship God is every form.  He would say it is much better to see God in everyone and everything than try to figure it all out.  The divine is in each and everyone of us. If you quieten down your ego, and let the shining light of the divine pour fourth from your heart, you will realize this truth.  Rama is a form of God, Rama nama is a form of God, The Ramayana is a form of God, the reader of the Ramayana is a form of God.

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