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The mind is like a wild elephant, angrily rampaging in all directions. The impulsive mind is quickly lead away by lust, arrogance, hypocrisy, and many other negative attributes.  But like meditation and other spiritual practises, the Ramacharitmanas is like a calm lake for this wild elephant.  You will find great solace from this beautiful lake of Rama’s acts. The fire of sensual enjoyments provide little comparison to the bliss achieved by the relief of this calming lake. Conceived by Lord Shiva himself, the Ramacharitmanas is the delight of holy beings, and uproots all kinds of suffering.  Regardless of how much wealth a man has, he is eternally rich after taking a dip in this glorious lake. Even by saying it’s name; Ramacharitmanas, I feel a peace pervade the entire universe.
If you can get out of the way of your own mind, your heart will give you the greatest joy.

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