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A beautiful mind is like the earth, but the heart is like the unfathomable universe.  The Shastras (sacred texts) are like purifying seas, whilst great beings are like nourishing rain clouds who pour down these auspicious words of spirituality for all to enjoy.  The playful acts of Shri Rama which great beings delightfully narrate contain these most purifying properties.
Although unconditional love defies all description; it can be recognised by sweetness and compassion, just like the coolness which the rains provide from the scorching heat of summer. 
Of course, the rice fields would not exist without these rains. Dharma would not exist without these virtuous souls who take it upon themselves to share this unconditional message of love. When the sacred holy water of spirituality drops on the soil of a fertile mind, flowing through the stream of the ears, and settling within the heart of the listener, this sacred water will create an eternal lake within the heart of the aspirant, opening the heart to the great truth of unconditional love.
One of my favourite verses from Hinduism is found in the ancient Chandogya Upanishad which states, ‘As great as infinite space is the space within the cave of the heart’.
You do not need to explore the universe by space travel, according to Hindu philosophy, the ultimate truth exists within your heart as unconditional love.  This is the same message iterated here in the Ramacharitmanas.

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