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Your mind is like a gardener, the thrill of joy you will receive from reading the Ramayana is like the most beautiful of gardens, full of birds, and flowers, orchards and groves.  The unconditional love which permeates the Ramayana is water which permeates the entire garden but is also poured by the gardener.
Those who carefully read the Ramayana are the guardians of this sacred lake. And those who revere it daily are like the Gods who care for it. Of course there will be those people who are addicted only to self gratification who are like the vultures preying upon the weaker birds.  There is no room in this garden for selfishness, which is like a snail or a spider.  The vultures will always feel uncomfortable at the lake of the Ramacharitmanas.
Keeping bad company resembles a rough road to this sacred lake.
Bad company is undersirable for spiritual growth, companions of this kind are like tigers, lions and snakes, making the journey difficult. Life is difficult enough without these obstacles.  Arrogance, infatuation, pride, these are like dangerous woods which one can be lost in for lifetimes.
The sacred lake is difficult to obtain for those who do not have the right provisions.  Humility, compassion, love, the company of saintly beings, these are the provisions necessary for the life’s most important journey

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