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There are three types of devotee, the first is a spiritual soul, interested in liberation, interested in seeing God within every being.  The second is the seeker who tries to rationalise everything, the third is the devotee who follows through blind faith. When spiritual souls congregate the world is transformed, blessings are showered in all directions, then the location of their gathering can be called Ayodhya.

God is seen differently by each and everyone of us.  There is no way that my perception is exactly the same as yours, but there are general approaches to Religion which devotees have.  This was topic is described perfectly by Bhaktivinoba Thakur who describes the three spiritual seekers as Kamala shraddhas, madhyamadhikaris, and uttamadhikaris.*
The Kamala shraddhas are in the first stage of religious development, they seek only worldly gain, express simple faith, but have a beautiful purity of heart.  The second state, themadhyamadhikaris are although very strong intellectually are often plagued with doubt.  It is theUttamadhikaris who are the rare ones.  The followers and embodiments of enlightenment are these uttamadhikaris.  
Bhaktivinoda Thakur was interested in preaching spirituality. He encouraged the intellectual elites of West Bengal in the 19th Century to look beyond their minds, and enter into their hearts. *Shukavak N.Dasa has written wonderful book on his life titled ‘Hindu Encounter with Modernity‘.  Tulasidas emphasises the very same point here. Understandings and tendencies are different the world over, but the spiritual essence of all things is one.

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