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The difference between the individual soul and God cannot be described by words, similarly the difference between the Shiva and Vishnu is difficult to comprehend.  Shiva is the all powerful aspect of the divine, bestowing an ocean of benevolence upon the devoted.   He is the embodiment of intelligence, truth, happiness and bliss. Roaming the earth he shared wisdom with sages, extolling the virtues and intimate stories of Shri Rama.  His heart is ever filled with the presence of Rama.
All the while, Parvati was performing penances longing to be united with Shiva the renunciate.  She said to the sages, ‘Look at my madness and laugh if you wish, longing to be with an ascetic, yet i am not shaken at the slightest.  I follow only my heart for my head is foolish.  You may find me amusing, I am a wingless bird who longs to fly but I will be united with my Lord Shiva.
Just as gold when melted does not lose it’s brightness, I shall not lose my resilience and unshakable faith, even if this body is taken from me, my soul will continue.  Whether he comes or not, I have no fear, I have complete faith in my Guru and in my conviction.  The sages witnessed Parvati and realised that hers was a sacred conviction.  They became convinced that she was meant to be united with the Lord.
Having faith in oneself is crucial for successful outcomes.  Parvati knew in her heart that regardless of the negativity surrounding her that her conviction was correct.  She and Shiva are like two sides of the same coin, her unshakable faith is an example to us all to follow our hearts and remain resolute, following the heart at all times. 

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