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After realising Shri Rama was the supreme reality embodied in human form, Sati initially felt uncomfortable but then felt as if all worries and burdens had been lifted from her shoulders.  ‘Why did I ever question the words of Shiva?’ She asked her self silently, as she turned to leave the forest, through the grace of Shri Rama, she received the most magnificent vision.  Shri Rama revealed to her a part of his tremendous form.

As she looked forward she saw Sita Rama standing gloriously before of her eyes, she looked left and right, and all she could see is Sita and Rama.  She looked over her shoulder, again nothing but the wonderful vision of Sita and Rama in everything she saw.  Within and Around this vision of Sita and Rama she saw infinite images of Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu in all of their glories.

Every separate vision of Rama contained every aspect of creation, every animal, every mountain, even the stars and planets where emanating from him.  Sati beheld the most awesome brightness engulfing everything around her.  She became frightened from this powerful vision, her heart skipped beats and she lost all control of her bodily senses, Sati closed her eyes.  Upon opening them, everything returned to normal.  The forest was as before and Sati quickly returned to Lord Shiva.

Shiva with a smile inquired, so how did you test the divinity of Shri Rama?  Sati concealed what had happened at keeping to herself this most wonderful of divine visions.

The Vision of Sati described here in the Ramacharitmanas is a vishvarupa, a vision of God.  Arjuna also encounters a similar vision described in the Bhagavad Gita.  What happens in both cases is that the maya or illusion we see in our daily lives is removed and God is seen in all places and in all things.  This entire existence is divine, is a rupa of God, our goal is to see God in all things.. Maharaji always used to say, “Sub Ek, Sub Ek”,  “See God in everything..” 

Through the eyes of a being like Maharaji, everything is God, he sees nothing but the true form of God, and hence he is able to truly Love Everybody.

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