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As destiny dictates, out mind has been blessed with the ability to discriminate between the eternal path of Sanatana Dharma and abandon the evil. By the forces of karma, and the current age we live in, even good people sway towards wickedness under the influence of maya (illusion). The devotees of Shri Hari however wash away this impermanent suffering and weakness for the everlasting bliss which remains untarnished. Of course, even a wicked person can occasionally perform a good act, but this is only due to them associating with good people, their evil nature will not leave them so easily. Even those who may impersonate a good person will eventually be exposed, just as Ravana and his contemporaneous were exposed.
A person should never be judged by their appearance, the good can come in all forms, just as Hanuman came in the form of a monkey, but won the praise and adoration of the entire world for his goodness. Associating with bad people is very harmful, keeping good company is the path to success, this fact is as true as the Vedas themselves. It is by the wind that dust rises to the sky, and is by the mud that it sticks to the floor. Parrots living in a virtuous home will naturally recite the holy name of Shri Rama, but in the home of the wicked will naturally learn to abuse.
Hindu philosophy explains that it is through the good karma of thousands of past lives that one is fortunate to come into contact with great beings and the great teachings which have the power to provide liberation from all suffering.
It is grace and providence that gifts us the opportunity to learn right from wrong. The swan like feature of Dharma is known to very few people in the world and it is nothing but grace which allows us to be in the presence of this great bhava. This sacred presence is the greatest of fortunes, the opportunity to know Maharaji is the greatest of fortunes, to sit at the banks of the holy lake of Shri Rama’s acts is the greatest fortune, to be among the devotees of Shri Hari is the greatest of fortunes. To share a single word about the glory of the Ramayana is the greatest of fortunes.

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