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75. Rama’s Voice

To Brahmas beautiful prayer, Rama responded by saying:

‘Do not be fearful.  For all of the good and saintly people of the world, for all of the Yogis, for all of the Gods and for righteousnesses, I shall come.  I shall be born as a human on Earth.

In the glorious solar dynasty, I shall be born as a son. The Yogi Kasyapa and his wife were promised that I would be born to them; I shall fulfill this promise now. They have taken rebirth as King and Queen of Ayodhya and taken the name of Dasaratha and Kausalya.  Their home shall be mine, I shall take the form of four brothers. I shall descend with my full power and energy to relieve the Earth of all of its heavy burdens. My dear ones please be fearless.’

The Gods, the saintly beings, the Yogis and the Earth itself took great reassurance from Shri Rama’s words.  Brahma said to all of the Gods, ‘Assume the form of monkeys! Go to the earth as a shining example to all beings! Go to the earth and serve the lotus like feet of Shri Rama!’

All of the Gods were delighted by Brahma’s request.  Who could want anything more than to serve Shri Rama in person?  In no time they assumed the form of monkeys on earth; their glory was incomparable; their strength and bravery unparalleled.  With only the intention of serving the Lord in mind, they resolutely waited for the advent of Shri Rama’s appearance on earth. They lived in the trees of forests and mountains roaming joyfully enjoying the fruits of the earth as they waited to fulfill their life purpose.

We all assume different forms, even in this life we go through many.  Shri Rama assumed a human form out of compassion for his beloved devotees, for the sake of the Earth, for the sake of righteousness.  There can be no better example for how to decide one’s purpose in life.  To live for the same cause as Shri Rama, to live out of compassion for the suffering of others is the real way to fulfill this life’s purpose. 

Rama is everywhere and all things.  Vishnu is Rama, all of the Gods are forms of Rama, the four brothers are Rama, the monkeys in disguise are really forms of Rama,  even the demons albeit lost to their egos are Rama.  What differs is the extent to which their mirrors are polished, to the extent to which they are awake, to the extent to which they love.  Maharajji taught us that it is better to see God everywhere rather than try to figure things out.  Try to love everyone as a form of Shri Rama. 

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