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89. The Divine Light

The two princes shone like bright divine lights amongst the thousands of princes assembled there in the court, all vying to win the hand of the princess.  Their endearing glances, filled with unconditional love, would have captivated the hearts of a million cupids.  Draped in yellow cloth, wearing the sacred thread and carrying beautiful bows, the two princes were delighting everyone that they came into contact with, especially King Janaka, who walked them around the arena.  As he did this, every man present saw Shri Rama mysteriously appear before him, none could describe the experience. Shri Rama was everywhere!

Janaka placed the two lions of the Raghu dynasty and their Guru Vishvamitra on the most beautiful of thrones amongst the princes.  Some of the princes became disheartened at seeing this as they felt the inevitable victory of Shri Rama over all of their desires.  Some even left the palace early, knowing that there was no chance for them to win.  An ignorant prince, spoke out:

Even Shri Rama will struggle to break Shiva’s bow.  We shall fight him for the hand of the princess.

Another pious prince, who knew Shri Rama’s true identity said:

Shri Rama will certainly wed the beautiful princess Sita.  Although this truth is difficult to digest for many people, Shri Rama and Sita are already one.

He continued:

Do not brag or be egotistical, selfish or vain, this is throwing your life away.  Hunger can indeed not be satiated by imaginary sweets.  Listen to me carefully my dear friends, listen to your own heart, Sita is none other than the Mother of the entire universe and Shri Rama is the father.  Feast your eyes upon them and fill them with love and delight.  Shri Rama is the fountain of all joy and the embodiment of virtue.  There is an endless ocean of nectar right here before you–why should you run in search of a mirage in the form of worldliness?  Whatever you decide, do as you see fit, today we have reaped the rewards of all of our past good karma.  Look upon the supreme Brahman, the fountain of all bliss.

Hearing these words of devotion, all of the princes turned towards Shri Rama and opened their hearts in seeing him.  Even the gods from heaven appeared and prostrated towards him.  Such was the immense love present on that beautiful day, it was as if flowers were raining down from the skies.

A wonderful meditation is to see Rama in everything.  In the good, bad, light, dark, in everything.  Shri Rama is Satchitananda (truth, consciousnous, bliss).  Rama is not only to be worshipped in the temple. Rama is to be seen in every moment of our lives, in the face of every person we meet or speak with.  Today (30/10/2016) is the auspicious day of Diwali.  Friends and family members will be meeting, calling and greeting each other with so much love.  It is a time of seeing the light of the divine within each others hearts.  Most of our lives are spent–like the princes–chasing some goal or another, but on occasions such as Diwali we should take the opportunity to see the light of Rama in the hearts of all beings.  We can take the wise prince’s words to heart: Do not brag or be egotistical, selfish or vain, this is throwing your life away.  Hunger can indeed not be satiated by imaginary sweets.

Jai Shri Rama!

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