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In the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Lord Shri Krishna says, ‘Relinquishing egotism, violence, pride, lust, anger, and selfish desire; free from the notion of “my”, obtaining a peaceful disposition; then one becomes fit for attaining oneness with Brahman. (18.53)

Of course this is easier said than done. It has been the subject of study and immense effort for Yogi’s for over thousands of years.  This is just a reminder, if you want to achieve greater happiness in life then giving up these will be essential.

My cousin recently asked his close friend to call his local temple regarding some important work, in reply he said, ‘no thanks, they all have big ego’s there.’  The representatives of temples and organisations working for Dharma throughout the world should be the role models. We need to make continuous efforts to embody the Gita’s message in the verse above, then and only then, will our temples be fit to be called a Man-dirs, a place where the mind truly becomes peaceful, where they can serve humanity effectively and the world at large.

Wishing you well,

Ram Ram.

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