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They say there are over a billion Hindus on the planet. I don’t believe that figure, if there was even a thousand Hindus there would be no starving children, no horrendous factory farms causing suffering to millions of innocent animals, solving all of societies problems. Just a thousand Hindus would prevent the elderly from having to choose between eating meals or heating their homes in the winter. A thousand Hindus, seeing God in every living being would spread the message of non-violence through out the world preventing needless wars and bringing people from all backgrounds together. A thousand Hindus bringing care and compassion for the environment,  feeding the needy would be enough for our world family.

Vivekananda opened hospitals, Gandhi’s Ahimsa is still changing the world, Neem Karoli, Jalaram and King Janasruti opened temples and centres simply for feeding everyone.  Savitri defined Sanatana Dharma as the path of love for all.

Anybody can call themselves Hindu, being one is to be a selfless servant to the divine throughout the world.  The light from these great souls shines bright like the stars in an all too dark sky.
I am in awe of them and can only aspire to be a Hindu one day, do you?

Best wishes,
Ram Ram

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