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Anger is our own worst enemy. It clouds our judgement making us act without due consideration. It does not solve our problems, in most cases will exacerbate them. The Mahabharata says if we can control our anger we can conquer everything, and lead a better happier life. Here is what it says:

‘The wise say the best charioteer is the one who can hold the reign of horses wild. Similar is one who subdues his rising anger. The one who conquers anger, conquers all. This one is regarded as a person who has taken the path of forgiveness. He shakes off anger the same way a snake sheds its skin. The one who suppresses anger disregards the hateful words of others, he does not become angry even when there may be a cause, He is on the way to achieving life’s true goals. Between the one who tirelessly performs rituals for a hundred years and one who conquers his anger the later is definitely higher. People in a childish way squabble with one another as to what is right and wrong, the wise never imitate them.’

Wishing you well,

Ram Ram.

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