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67. Ramacharitmanas: The Sun And The Clouds

Lord Shiva said,

“Our vision is limited, our eyes cannot perceive the divine reality without our hearts, just like a young child may mistake the sun to have disappeared when clouds cover the sky. Our true self is clouded by our senses and the objects they are attracted to. Shri Rama is like the Sun, he is the divine light providing illumination for all of us.”

“Just as a shell can be mistaken for a Jewel, or a mirage be mistaken for water by a thirsty desert dweller, we have become conditioned. But, just like in a nightmare where you get your head cut off, we become scared, but the fear disappears when we awaken.  When we become enlightened all suffering is removed.”

“The Vedas describe him by paradox alone. He walks without feet, He hears without ears, he moves whilst remaining still. He his beyond speculation. Present in the hearts of all beings as love, Shri Rama is the divine light.”

Uma Replied,

“Your words cool my mind like moonbeams after a scorching summers day. My doubts have been removed and my burdens have been lifted. I can feel contentment and happiness pervade my mind, body and soul.”

“I feel united with all beings in the ocean of Rama. Please narrate to me the blessed story of the Ramayana, I long to hear it.”

Traditionally the Ramayana of Tulasidas is recited over 9 days.  Over the last one year I completed one day’s worth of Ramayana verses, a ninth of the whole text.  Very fittingly I  finished this portion on the auspicious day of Ram Navami.  The day we celebrate the birth of Shri Rama.

We pause at this  crucial juncture in our journey, Uma has requested Lord Shiva  to hear the blessed story of Rama.  As we pause here, Lord Shiva’s words remind us that there is an eternal force underlying all things.  We cannot see Rama because there is cloud covering.  But by spiritual practices like listening to the story of Rama, reciting mantras, yoga, and mediation, we become illumined by that divine light.  The Bhagavad Gita teaches us that God is like a string holding pearls together on a necklace. We cant see the divine but without it, the pearls would scatter everywhere.  The purpose of reading the Ramayana is to help us realise this beautiful divine reality which underpins all things.. 

End of day 1 of a 9 day recitation. 

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