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69. Ramacharitmanas: Ram Naam Satya Hai

Lord Shiva said:

“Singing the names of God, those of pure heart cross the ocean of suffering and mundane existence finding bliss in abundance. It is through the name of Rama that I liberate the dead in Varanasi. The Lord manifests for the good of all beings, out of compassion for those of pure heart, as a lion-man, Narasingha took form to protect the innocent child Prahlada from his heartless father Hiranyakashipu.”

“The bards sing of these various avatars across the world in so many different ways, the soul is neither evil nor good, it is beyond all duality.  Even the soul of the demonic king Ravana is pure.  He was in a past life a great guard of the Lord”

“Renounce all pride, renounce all intoxication, renounce all greed, renounce all harm, rejoice in the eternal love which lives in the hearts of all beings”

All across the world people worship God, each and every individual will see him differently.  If we see the eternal spirit in all forms, in all beings, even if they do us wrong, we will act never out of spite or anger but for the good all.

Even Ravana the evil demon who commits the most heinous crimes is spoken of as being pure of soul.  The body and this material world is ever changing, but the spirit is eternal. When bodies are carried to their cremation in Varanasi, the oldest living City in the World, the people chant ‘Raam Naam Satya Hai’, which means – the truth is Rama’s name.   It is through an immersion the love of God that truth is achieved. 

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