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Having in my heart thrown myself at the feet of my Guru, I shall proceed forth. I shall now begin this retelling of the sacred story of Rama. It is believed that simply hearing and sharing with others this sacred story of love, brings liberation from all worldly suffering. No longer will you be pushed and pulled around by the temptations of the world. After immersing yourself in the Ramayana of the heart, you will live from the bliss of a higher, spiritual essence. In all humility, I touch the feet of pious souls, true Brahmana’s, saints and true siddhas. If they teach us with a pure heart, they are able to lead us from darkness to light, and from ignorance to truth. These spiritual guides are to me, like Gods walking with us right here on Earth.
My heart pours and pours unconditional love to all the living beings of the universe, but holds in particular a special place for good people! They live and embody the notion of dharma (virtue and innate duty) which this world so badly requires. These great beings are a force for good in the world. They themselves are like a moving prayaga (a sacred pilgrimage), and even the experience of coming into contact with them brings happiness and contentment to our souls.  In this ever moving prayaga, love for Rama is like Ganga, the greatest and most sacred of all of the world’s holy rivers.  The Knowledge of the all-pervading supreme reality of the universe, Brahman, is like the river Saraswati. The teachings given by these holy saints on subjects such as Karma-Yoga, the path of living selflessly in the world are like the sacred river Yamuna.  In this way, fortunate beings receive the blessings of these sacred three rivers not by physically visitng their locations, but simply through coming into contact with great saints. By doing so, they wash away all of the impurities of this age which is filled with ignorance let alone the impurities of their own lives. If being with these saints was like visiting a sacred place, their pure faith and virtue would be like the immortal banyan tree. This, ever-moving pilgrimage is open for all of us to visit, at any time, at any place without anyone ever being turned away. The mind finds inner peace for those who can approach with humility, open mindedness and reverence. It is by going on this sacred pilgrimage, all suffering is turned to ashes.  This sacred pilgrimage in truth, is beyond any verbal description. It is ultimately a spiritual journey, but there is an infinite beauty and splendour which is felt within the hearts of those fortunate enough to open themselves to love.
Those of us who are fortunate enough to go on this sacred pilgrimage in the form of spending time with the great saints, treasure it whole-heartedly! We plunge into the depths of its sacred waters, thoroughly soaked in the feeling of unconditional love, their hearts and minds become absorbed in God, achieving life’s true purpose.
Just like wetness is felt when one jumps into water, the rewards of plunging into these sacred waters are felt immediately, just like caterpillars which become butterflies and herons become swans.  This is no mere miracle, contact with the saintly is not a secret!  Valmiki the hunter became the greatest of poets, Narada muni was a simple servant, the sage Agastya born of a pitcher, and all achieved the highest state of enlightenment through communion with saints and holy beings. Indeed, anything good that has been achieved in this world, whether wisdom, prosperity, welfare all are results from association with good people.  There is no other way, neither in this world or in the holy Vedas, the highest knowledge is not possible without communion with the saintly, and this communion is only possible through the Shri Rama’s grace.
Contact with these enlightened beings is the root of all happiness, it is the highest goal amongst endeavours.
After praising God and Guru Tulasidas explains the greatest of pilgrimages, which is none other than surrounding ourselves around saintly beings. For me this not only means the Guru, but the satsang and community of beings who live in love and devotion to Shri Rama and work for the upliftment of the needy.
We can remember the saying, ‘God, Guru and Self are one’. First we have worshipped God, then the Guru, and now the saints and Siddhas in the world, now the good people in the world and the satsang of souls seeking union with love in their hearts. One of the most commonly reported experiences of being with Maharajji was that not only did he love everyone, but in his presence we did too. Simply being with saints and Siddhas like Maharajji transform our own consciousness automatically without us having to do anything, just like the way our body warms before the sun.

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