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The two aspects of God, Brahman and the personal God with Attributes are both difficult to understand and attain. But the name is so simple, available to all of us to embrace and find refuge in. Meditation on the name is there for the masses, this is why, in my view as a humble servant, it is the greatest.
People often say to me that Hinduism is too complex, difficult to decipher, only for the Yogis and sages of the Himalayas. This is simply not the case. Meditation upon two syllables alone is sufficient to transform a persons life, mine is a living example. The emotional ups and downs which life presents us with can be countered, by making this meditation a spiritual center for ones life. It can be as Gandhi called it a staff for ones life. Whenever we face difficulties, rather than judging ourselves in a negative manner we can witness, and make a mental note of the anger, or negative emotion, and slowly return to the place of peace where the mantra resides. Slowly come back to the name, Rama, Rama, Rama, slowly release the negative emotion and come back to the place where peace pervades.

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