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Like seven sacred steps are the seven books of the Ramayana, which the soul will delight to read.  The Glory of Shri Rama is eternal and boundless.  This sacred text provides a taste of that unfathomable reality. The incomparable love is the pollen, the high minded ideas are like the honey, and the elegant expression is the fragrance.
Virtuous souls are like honey bees who swarm towards this narration intuitively, they find spiritual sustenance, discernment, reason.  The various topics of this narration are like beautiful fishes in the ocean of Sita and Rama.
From the Ramayana you will learn Jnana (knowledge of the absolute), Vijnana (Knowledge of God with form) The various kinds of Love, Japa (The repetition of mantras), Yoga (union with God), Peace of mind, and self-realisation. The stories of the saints in this narration are like beautiful sweet mangos, which are ripe and agreeable to all.
You will learn from the Ramayana the five Yamas, how you can live a compassionate life, you will learn from the Ramayana equanimity, non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, self control, austerity, sacrifice.
You will learn from the Ramayana the five Niyamas, external and internal purity, contentment, continence, study of scriptures, the meaning of surrender.
The juice extracted from all of these fruits is spiritual bliss, to exist as an embodiment of Love at the feet of Shri Rama is the goal.
May you learn love, May you learn love, May you learn Love.
Like the warm up acts in a big event, up till now, the first fifty Ramacharitmans posts have only been describing the glory of the Rama, Ramanama, and the Ramayana.  The Ramacharitmanas is the Ramayana of Love, as received by the poet saint Tulsidas. It is perhaps the greatest work of devotion ever produced and washes away the dust on our hearts. It is perfect that in this verse Tulsidas explains what you can actually learn from the Ramayana.

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