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The mockery and laughter of the wicked will only help me in my cause; how can a buffalo be expected to understand the Bhagavata? (A devotional scripture dedicated to Krishna) This undertaking of mine will be perfect for their mockery, for they have no idea of poetry or devotion to Shri Rama. This feeble attempt of mine is not written in the language of the Gods but in the language of the people. My intellect and abilities deserve their ill treatment therefore they do not deserve any blame. To those who cherish neither reason nor devotion to Shri Rama, this story will prick their ears like thorns.
To those however who possess devotion to Shri Rama or Lord Shiva, to those whose minds are not perverse from dharma, to those who act for the benefit of others, this composition of mine will surely be sweet. The hearts of the virtuous will be warmed by the jewel hidden in this work. I am not a poet, nor an intellectual, nor skilled in grammar, arts nor sciences. In fact, there is no charm in this work except one jewel, the entire world will find liberation from it. It is the sacred and eternal name of Shri Rama.

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