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I believe the worlds religions are in essence all good. All of them also can be and are construed for those who seek power and to dominate others.

If we seek the essence of a scripture, festival, prayer, ritual or religion we will derive much more benefit. The act of hugging somebody from a scientific perspective two people clinging together does not provide much satisfaction. However, we all know that a hug says more than words with mundane descriptions.

In his wonderful book, HIndu Encounter with Modernity, studying the life and works of Bhaktivinoda Thakur, Shukavak Dasa describes rasa to be the essence of religion beyond the mind. I thoroughly recommend it.

Shri Krishna in his witty words also says in the Uttara Gita (2.37)

A donkey which carries a load of sandal-wood knows the weight but does not appreciate the scent. Similar is one who knows the scriptures without understanding their essence.
Seek the essence.
Wishing you well,

Ram Ram.

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