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Continuing on from the last post which received a lot of response on Lord Shivas words in the Anusasana Parva of the Mahabharata here is some lovely advice to Married couples.

Householders should worship daily keeping the sacred flame in their homes at all times.
Study the Vedas and honour ancestors.
Eat only after serving and offering food to God, guests and dependents. This food becomes Vigahasa (Sacred).
He should not overeat, be truthful in speech and action internally and externally.
performing the sacred ceremony’s and not harming any living being are the most important of duties.

One of the special concepts mentioned here is Vighasa and it is considered a very sacred and desirable for a families to offer food to God, guests and dependents before eating. In many Indian households women eat after the men, I always thought this to be a slightly backward practise and although I still feel that there should be no gender distinctions. I am glad that Lord Shiva explains that they are actually eating Vighasa.

Its nice to see people offering food, who ever they are, the food that is offered is blessed and very special.

Wishing you well,

राम राम

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