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One who performs deeds with me in mind, considers me as supreme, becomes my devotee, does not become attached to things and has hatred for no other living being will surely come to me.

Bhagavad Gita 11.55

This verse of the Gita offers Krishna’s thoughts on the qualities of a devotee who reaches the supreme.  Performing our acts in the world as Karma-Yogis, being unattached to the results and treating them as sacred offerings to God, this is a great act of devotion. When we offer up everything we do, we slowly loosen the ties of selfishness and anger which hold us back from self realisation.  The last point Krishna makes is that we should be completely free of hatred for any other living being.  Our hearts should be filled with so much love that all we can see is the divine, this is seeing God within each one of us.  This verse describes the immersion of an ideal devotee.

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