Ramacharitmanas 62. Unshakable Faith

The difference between the individual soul and God cannot be described by words, similarly the difference between the Shiva and Vishnu is difficult to comprehend.  Shiva is the all powerful aspect of the divine, bestowing an ocean of benevolence upon the devoted.   He is the embodiment of intelligence, truth, happiness and bliss. Roaming the

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Ramacharitmanas 61. Purifying Yourself

Holy men would never drink wine, even if the water was taken from the  river Ganges.  The same wine however, if poured into the Ganges becomes purified. Many religious scriptures of the world prescribe ‘mantras’ and people chant them to for worldly success, marital partners, fame, and all number of objectives, but are we missing the point?

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Ramacharitmanas 58. Find The Truth For Yourself

The supreme Brahman pervades everything.  With no beginning and no end, Brahman is free from all desires.  The eternal reality cannot even be conceived by the Vedas themselves. How is it possible for the omnipresent Brahman assume human form? Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are considered beyond comprehension, but they descend to earth For the

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